Further Explanation: EPIK, this blog, and more about me.

So less about fear and self-discovery and more about the facts.

Next month I will begin work with EPIK or the English Program in Korea. It’s a program that brings native English speakers to teach Korean students the English language on one year contracts that can be extended. I first began my journey to get into EPIK nearly one year ago. It’s a long, tedious, and selective application process and the requirements are getting stricter every year now that the demand has declined. I’ll be located in Daejeon.

For me, EPIK is my chance to start exploring. It will be my first time living in a foreign country alone. I’m hoping this experience will prepare me to begin my life abroad. I’ve always known that I wanted to travel the world, an aspiration influenced by my military upbringing. I am attuned to always moving, always uprooting, and I love it.

So what this blog is not:

  1. This blog is not all about EPIK or Korea, but if there is a demand for advice on this then I will be happy to write posts specifically about that.
  2. This blog is not a travel guide. I’m happy to share the places where I will live and those I will explore, but I won’t be giving a 50 things to do/eat/see in so-and-so.

What this blog is:

  1. There will be random musings, occasional identity crises, somewhat of a public diary.
  2. There are always these elements at play: blackness and womanhood and awkwardness. And an awkward black womanhood.
  3. Exploration of various cultures.
  4. And whatever else I choose to write about.

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