My Language Love Affairs: German

Please read the first portion of the series here


Only a couple of months had passed before I was in the arms of German. She had a tough facade, but it was simply that. I started to realize how many things we had in common. How our roots were entangled. The ease of our relationship soon turned my interest to boredom. But I stuck around. I spent two years with her. Conquering her various forms, expanding our vocabulary. She taught me a lot about myself. We could have been happy together, but feeling unsatisfied, I walked out. I thought that was the end of us, but another two years passed and we were back at it again. She was so familiar, so comforting. But alas, I dropped her again for a spell. Too bad I didn’t know when I tried to return for the third and final time she would have turned cruel. Her heart was hardened against me. She was changed and I knew I was responsible for it. I had taken her for granted for so long…I didn’t expect her to have grown into something so complex and unyielding. That was the end for us.


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