Sunday Bonus: Hair Products I’m Taking to Korea

One of the first things a black girl thinks about when going abroad is: How will I manage my hair?

This has been a big question for me. March will make two years since I have been natural. Natural meaning free from chemical relaxers or other things that permanently alter the texture of my hair. In the beginning I tried a plethora of products hoping to find ways to manage my hair or at least make it not as dry as the sand under a hot desert sun. However, I have recently learned that keeping things simple works best for me. So here’s the list of products that I will want to have in Korea for my hair.

Shea butter is my main staple next to plain ol’ H2O. Great for my twist outs, braid outs, and sealing in moisture.

Shea butter–How I love thee. I always had Shea butter and even used it on my skin before I went natural. However, I typically used small amounts and whipped it into a creamy texture before adding other products to it. However, one day I decided to just warm the butter between my hands and use it along with water for a twist out. I loved the results. My hair never looked like that previously, and now it’s my favorite “product”. It also has tons of other benefits so that’s always great.

A leave-in conditioner. I used to use these a lot, but now, not so often.
A leave-in conditioner. I used to use these a lot, but now, not so often.

It doesn’t have to be this particular brand, but usually after washing and deep conditioning my hair I will apply a small amount of leave-in to my hair before sealing with Shea butter. Errr, I haven’t really noticed anything too spectacular that it does, but I feel like it isn’t hurting my hair so I still use it.

A DEEP Conditioner. I usually use these dollar packs, but I should invest in a larger amount.

After washing my hair I often use deep conditioner/hair mask. I use different brands, but usually get these small packs that cost between $1 – $2. I think now that I’m leaving I MAY buy a large container of deep conditioner, but I’m scared to just settle with one brand. What will probably end up happening is I will bring a variety of these different packs.

Peppermint essential oil. I don't know if/what it helps, but I enjoy it.
Peppermint essential oil. I don’t know if/what it helps, but I enjoy it.

I bought this little bottle of peppermint oil in some kind of alternative medicine/health store. I was reluctant because the price was like 16 bucks, and for such a small jar I felt I was being swindled. However, you only need to use 2-3 drops at any time, so I’ve had this same bottle for about a year or more and it’s still nearly full. Typically I put a few drops  in my spray bottle then fill it up with water. I really enjoy the scent and it’s said to stimulate the follicles. I also use it in my bath on occasion. It just is very relaxing.

To lay my edges down when I want to look a lil fancy.
To lay my edges down when I want to look a lil fancy. Pretty self-explanatory. 

In addition, I may bring Herbal Essences Hello Hydration shampoo and conditioner, but I’m pretty sure that will be a brand I can find there. My styling tools will include my Tangle Teaser, a bristled brush, hair clips, shower caps, bobby(i?) pins, and trimming scissors.

My hair.
My hair after Shea butter twist out…I think.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Bonus: Hair Products I’m Taking to Korea

  1. I had this exact problem while I was packing, it was a nightmare! I’m currently almost 1 year 2 months post-relaxer. I’m planning to transition at least until my birthday in August, December at the most, so my go to hairstyles have been braid outs, buns, wigs, marley twists, and just recently perm rod sets. I’m pretty sure most of my luggage weight was from hair products & styling tools. I was wondering how other Black girls were dealing with the hair product situation while packing for Korea (whether relaxed or not) but not sure if I should ask on the group facebook page lol. It’s nice to see I wasn’t the only one who’s really concerned though.


    • Yeah, hair for me was a huge thing. Lol but when i first started out with natural hair it would have been more of a problem but now as time has gone by i find that i have fewer staple products that typically last a long while before needing to re buy.


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