My Language Love Affairs: Korean

This is the fourth part of a series. Please start here. 


And now we are here. I’ve become 안나. Obviously, I plan on sticking with Korean for quite a while since I’ll be moving to her native land. We’ve been courting for a bit over six months now. Now that I’ve gotten to know her a bit better, we are moving past the superficiality. I’ve been promising to dedicate more of my time to her so that I can become more familiar with her thinking and the way she works. But there’s been so much else to focus on that I haven’t given her the attention she deserves. That will be changing soon though. She’s conservative, polite, left-brained, straight-forward–pretty much the opposite of me. Hopefully we can reach an understanding. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on the successes and set-backs in our relationship as time goes on. Korean, 잘 부탁 드립니다!


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