Greetings from Korea

Good morning from Incheon City, South Korea. It is my first day waking up in Korea. It still doesn’t feel quite real yet. I think because my brain temporarily stopped functioning and is taking a while to  get back up and running. I had never been so tired in my life. Y’all, from Tokyo to ICN I drooled the whole 3 hour flight. Ended up missing them handing  out important documents which delayed me a lot at immigration. Japan’s Narita airport was the most chill. They had cultural events going on and I even got to create my own postcard.

My flight to Korea was pretty homogeneous as is to be expected. I saw about three white male travelers on my plane. I was the only black/brown person. I definitely did not feel out of place though. Everyone was friendly and  polite. I got into Korea around 21:00. My hostel’s shuttle stopped running at 23:00. I got out of immigration at 22:15. Then I thought I would find a nice help desk and ask them to call the hostel for me…No. The info desks were all closed. I paid 10,000 Korean won (about 10 bucks) for a phone card that I had no idea how to use because everything was in Korean. Ended up catching a taxi (which was really quick and easy) and it cost me about 22,000. I gave him an 8,000 tip. He drove like a mad man. Not to mention there was a k-drama playing on his dash. And I guess red lights are optional here. Hm.

I’m staying at a place called The Lazy Bird Guesthouse in Incheon City.  It’s very foreigner friendly from my first impression. It’s a very clean and cutely decorated place. I arrived at about 23:15. Check-in was easy. They accepted cash to pay for my stay and I can get a ride back to the airport for 5 bucks. They have “American” style breakfast, but I’m not sure where they got the idea that toast and coffee was American style? Lol. My American style is eggs, bacon, sausage, grits, hashbrowns, and the like.

I stay in a dorm style room with 3 bunk beds. There’s currently only one other guest. We have a bathroom in our room and it’s nice and clean. They provide essential toiletries like toothpaste, soap, and toilet paper. Downside for me is that the room was freezing cold last night.

They also have this “dress up” corner where you can wear “hanbok” or traditional Korean dress and take photos. I will definitely be doing that and taking a few photos. I think the downtown area is just a short walk away so I will be exploring a bit around there as well and will upload photos later.

Flying will never be not mind-blowing to me.
Flying will never be not mind-blowing to me.
Had tempura for dinner on flight to Japan.
Had tempura for dinner on flight to Japan.
Another of my flight food. It was pretty delicious.
Another of my flight food. It was pretty delicious.
K-money on deck.
K-money on deck.

4 thoughts on “Greetings from Korea

  1. Yes, red lights are unofficially optional in certain parts. But they know where to do it because they are cameras everywhere. Glad you made it safely. Enjoy the journey


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