EPIK Orientation Spring 2015

Long time no see.

So I’ve been in Korea for twelve days now, but it already feels as if I’ve been here a month. EPIK orientation was really great. Although they cram a lot into 9 days and it can be intense at times, I can honestly say that it was all very useful information.

Quick gist of EPIK Spring Orientation 2015: It was a 9-day program, but only 4 of those days were spent in lecture classes. 1 day was devoted to lesson plan presentations. 1 day field trip. And 3 days were simply getting there, welcoming ceremony, and closing ceremony.

Every lecturer was insightful and inspiring. The classes ranged in topics from co-teaching to storytelling. They also give you a useful text book of every lecture plus some extra things.

The field trip was pretty cool. We visited Jeonju hanok (traditional house) village.I got to make hanji, Korean paper. I wish that we would have had a bit more free time to explore.

The food was good. The people were great. And we even got the chance to see a tiny bit of Daejeon nightlife.

I was also elected class representative for my orientation class. And I, along with a South African EPIKer, was chosen to do the class rep speech at the closing ceremony. It was a good feeling, but also stressful since I had to fit rehearsals and speech-writing/planning in with our already cramped schedule.

Yesterday, everyone was bused to their locations across Korea. For us Daejeon teachers we had about a 20 minute bus ride where we met our co-teachers at a small welcome ceremony.My co-teacher is very sweet and has an open personality and I think we  will continue to get along well.   I visited my school and got to see the classroom I’d be teaching in. ^_^ The teachers I met kept commenting that I looked very pretty. ^__^”. Ohhhh stahppp.

I’m currently in my apartment. It’s quite small, but I like it. It’s only me so it’s plenty of space. The teacher that lived here before me left me some useful items that I’m thankful for. I’ll update more on things in an upcoming post. I still don’t have my own internet so I can’t say exactly when I’ll post again, but keep a look out. ;P

Another collage.
Another collage.

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