Natural Hair in Korea: Update

I have now been in Korea for four months. The first couple of months on my hair were…rough.

When I arrived my hair was the best it had been in a while. But after a couple of months of a lack of hair products (ended up being unable to pack as much as I wanted), no time to take care of it, and getting used to the water, I felt like my hair was falling out (it definitely was). Finally, I purchased some things from the wonderful people at this natural hair product website for natural girls in Korea.  I will now show my hair stages since being in Korea.

Before the fall:

This was the before wash day. And I was holding off because I knew it would be hell because I was out of products.
This was the before wash day. And I was holding off because I knew it would be hell because I was out of products.

I’d always had thinner edges…but this was something else entirely. It looked so horrible! :””(

Worst Hair.
This was when my hair was at it’s worst. I could only wear it in this strange bun thing… But some people thought it looked cool. So that’s fine I guess. But underneath is a mess of tangles and knotting like you’ve never seen.

I love my texture. But what I don’t love is how it’s prone to such disastrous tangling and knotting. I was at the point where I was nearly in tears trying to detangle. I had one hand on a clump of hair and the other hand on a pair of scissors. I wanted to cut it all off and start over. But I decided to wait a few days until my products arrived.

After doing some major TLC. Deep-conditioning, detangling, shampooing, moisturizing. I also blew out my roots a bit.

Obviously, I was a happy camper again.

Below are some results of a full blow out and twist-outs.



I find that it’s much easier to manage when I blow it out a bit…or a lot. But I really have never used this much heat on my hair before. This was only my second time doing a blow out. (The first one was right before coming to Korea). So I don’t want it to become a habit, but it made things so much less tangled.


2 thoughts on “Natural Hair in Korea: Update

  1. I just did a blow out on my hair so I could clip the ends. What I suggest is let it air dry until almost dry then blow dry on the lowest heat setting on your dryer. And hold the hair taught to get the stretch. Your hair is beautiful. I hope the products you were able to get your hands on help bunches. Also remember to drink lots of water. I heard that people don’t drink as much fluids when they go to Korea. All the best to you.


    • Thanks Valicia! And yeah I should take that advice. I’ve been just drying it right after I wash and on the highest heat. Lol probably not the best idea. And yeah Koreans often don’t drink (nonalcoholic Bevs) during their meals and they rarely just drink plain water. I’m trying to make sure I increase my water intake. But I’m drinking more plain water here than I did in the u.s.


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