Lotus Lantern Festival in Seoul

A late post from May 16th. A respite from current events.

In Spring, the already radiant Korea becomes even more beautiful in celebration of Buddha’s Birthday. I really don’t know much about Buddhism to be honest, so I won’t pretend this is some informative post to tell you all about it. I just want to share some photos from the Lotus Lantern Festival held every year (April or May) in Seoul. During the month of the celebration beautifully colored lanterns are  draped over probably every temple in the country and even in other areas. It was the first time I’d ever really seen anything like it and I was totally impressed.

20150516_180754 20150516_180802 20150516_180820 20150516_180846 20150516_180856 20150516_180923 20150516_180952 20150516_181001 20150516_181015 20150516_181110 20150516_181125 20150516_181444 20150516_181658 20150516_182422

Obviously, I just bought a selfie stick.

After dark:

20150516_212901 20150516_213043 20150516_21371420150516_203204


One thought on “Lotus Lantern Festival in Seoul

  1. […] One thing Korea definitely gets right is picturesque locations. Unfortunately, they attract large crowds, but they are must-sees. For her first Sunday in Seoul we decided to visit Cheonggyecheon stream and Gwanghwamun Plaza. The timing was perfect because Seoul was celebrating Buddha’s birthday with the beautiful lantern festival. The same festival I attended last year. […]


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