BIFF Film Reviews: Paulina and Numb

Paulina (La Patota)

Paulina is an Argentine film about a lawyer who decides instead to pursue her ideals by being a teacher in an under-served town. She’s very headstrong and is determined to be a part of the change in this community. However, not long after starting to teach in the town she’s raped by a group of young men. After the attack she must find a way to cope with the aftermath of what has happened to her.

Her father is a central character in the film as well, and their opinions and responses to the event conflict and create a really tense atmosphere. The dynamic between the two was very engaging, thrilling, even. However, by the end of the film I was left with a feeling of confusion. Paulina in my eyes went from being an admirable character to one who was irrational and difficult to identify with. The audience will most likely be on the side of the father. This different perspective makes for an interesting film.

I do have to say that this film still has me thinking weeks later. I would recommend this movie if you want to see something that will make you think about how far you would go in order to remain true to your beliefs of what is right or wrong.


This film was a part of the Midnight Passion series of thriller films. It was a special treat that the cast and director of the film spoke a bit before the screening (including actor Jamie Bamber, “Apollo” from Battlestar Galactica). I wasn’t expecting much to be honest. The description left me feeling a bit meh. But it kept me more engaged than I imagined. It’s about a husband and wife who are struggling financially. They meet a brother and sister hitchhiker on the cold cold roads somewhere in Canada-land. Pretty soon ( a little unbelievably soon) they are off together on a treasure hunt in freezing temperatures and snow.

This film manages to make freezing to death interesting on film. The icy surroundings and thinning trust between the characters adds enough tension to make for a pretty okay film. However, I wished we learned more about the brother and sister duo and what their motivations were. Their reasons to go on the treasure hunt seemed pretty unclear/weak.


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