Applying to EPIK (Again)

EPIK began accepting Spring 2016 applications on August 1st. It is nearly November and I have decided that I want to move to… Seoul. Hopefully, I can get my some business about myself before the deadline.

For some reason I haven’t fully grasped yet, if you want to change cities and work under a new office of education you have to go through the EPIK application process all over again. It’s been annoying. But a lot easier than the first time around.

I was flirting with the idea of working for a hagwon (private institution) because I really can’t get with the 9-5 life and I was hoping that a more varied schedule would be refreshing. But then I looked at the typical start and finish times and backed away a bit. Sure, going into work at noon or later sounded nice, but not leaving until 10:00 p.m. didn’t sound as appealing.

If I get my application in on time, I’ll have to have another interview. From what I’m hearing from other current EPIKers who are changing locations, the interview and process seems pretty painless and they seem to be being granted their change in places without much issue.

It’s been hard to find a lot of info online. Hard meaning taken more than a couple reworded Google searches. I don’t know what this process is called. When I search for “reapplying to EPIK” there’s a lot of information about reapplying after you’ve been rejected or failed the interview process. So what I need to gather and do I have just been going by word-of-mouth and what some others have done.

I think it will be interesting writing this blog from Seoul if I end up there. The city has so much to see and do. I’ll update you all on this process again soon.


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