So all caps title aside, this isn’t an angry post. It’s just a funny cultural difference I’ve noticed here. It happens in the U.S. as well, but not quite so shamelessly as here.

My momma always told me never go runnin’ and tellin’ her business in the streets. Anything we heard her say to us inside the home was not to be repeated outside the home. Not even to our closest friends. And while I’m not so firm on that stance as she is, I do believe in having a little bit of discretion when it comes to certain things. (But now that I think about it I do have an online blog where I tell my readers pretty much everything, but that’s beside the point!)

Anyway, I’m in the process of trying to leave my current job. I didn’t want to let too many people at the school know because 1) I wasn’t sure yet, and 2) It’s not official. But the way things were set up I had to tell my co-teachers (O.K.) the principal, and the vice-principal that I was simply APPLYING to another position. Now I’m pretty sure the whole school knows I may leave without my telling them. That’s fine. I know word gets around sometime. But my co-teachers be talkin’ all my business while I’m sitting right there with them in the room. Dang, man. No shame. spying

So I started thinking about other instances when people had no shame in being up in my business. The most hilarious
example is on the subway or bus. Y’know how sometimes someone is on their phone next to you and you cut your eyes real natural-
like to get a peek at what they are doing? Yeah, well the old folks here don’t give no effs about you seeing them look. I had an old guy lean OVER a person seated between us to look at the pictures I was viewing on my phone.

I look at him thinking oh maybe he don’t realize he is seriously up in the kool-aid. But he does. And he doesn’t look away when I call him out on it. I turn my phone all the way toward him like dang, you want to see too? Haha. I know what you’re thinking though, right? “Oh, that was just one strange old guy.” NOPE. It’s happened so many times. In Seoul and Daejeon.

There’s also the very many personal questions you get asked by strangers. Lol, it’s just a part of the culture to know what’s going on with you and what you’re all about. It’ll take some getting used to for those who were scolded about telling mom’s business in the streets.


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