Oeam Folk Village in Asan

I took this trip quite a long time ago. My co-worker invited me to her brother’s home when I was still pretty new. It was such an awesome random act of kindness that I wasn’t used to. I ended up having a really great time. It’s definitely a Korean memory I will have with me forever. (Hi Sam & Lens!) ❤

We visited the Oeam Folk Village in Asan. The village is a living museum, as it’s inhabited by Koreans who work their offering tourist experiences or selling their wares and food. According to Visit Korea website, they are the descendants of the village’s founder who lived 500 years ago.

We visited on a sunny Saturday. There were quite a bit of Korean visitors, but I seemed to be the only visible foreigner. I don’t think it’s as popular a tourist spot for foreigners perhaps due to its location. We got to view the traditional homes–hanok–and even enter a few of them. In one photo above you can see the traditional kitchen and stove. It looks like it gets a lot of use.

I got to experience traditional ironing, and see where wrong-doers were punished. They were tied down to a cross and beat with wooden sticks. Ohnoes. Also in the main square were games and traditional exercise equipment. I tried walking on the tightrope with a little help from Kristy.

I also got to see some traditional taffy-like candy made from scratch. We took part in the process by stretching the candy and breaking it into edible bits. It was delicious, and fun to smash. I tried homemade rice juice for the first time as well and of course had some ddeok.

After seeing the village we had a delicious dinner. I can’t remember the Korean names of the food we ate but it was wonderful. I hope to visit Sam and his family again some time soon. This is one of my best memories because it was nice to spend time with a family in Korea and they were so welcoming to me.

What is your favorite Korean memory? And if you haven’t been to Korea yet, what kinds of things would you like to do?


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