Natural Hair 2016

For 2016 I would like to work on the health of my hair. I did the big chop in 2013. Since then I have struggled with keeping my hair healthy and retaining length. My hair is on the fine side and is also not very dense. I believe the texture is a mix of 4B and 4C. This makes for high maintenance hair, which is unfortunate for a low maintenance girl like me.

Going natural has had a positive affect though. It’s thicker, and has much less breakage. But I’ve had difficulty keeping my hair moisturized and I encounter a lot of tangling (single strand knots). I end up trimming my hair quite often because I can’t deal with the tangles.

So since it’s been nearly three years, I want to try to experiment more with my hair and care routine. I want to spend the majority of this year in protective styles that can decrease tangles and retain moisture.

I want to try the water only hair washing routine and work on decreasing the amount of styling products I use.

Natural hair care can be quite difficult while living abroad, especially in a country where pretty much no one has hair like yours. So I’m hoping that if I can  learn to manage my hair without the use of products, it’ll be easier and cheaper for me in the long run.

I started the water only method a few weeks ago, but had more dryness. So I’m starting over and will keep a photo log of the progress. So below you will find my week or so old unwashed dry hair and my normally shampooed and conditioned wet hair. I also did an apple cider vinegar rinse to clarify and start off fresh.



13 thoughts on “Natural Hair 2016

      • Hi. My name is Eliety and I have been living in Mongolia for 11 years. When I read about what you have experienced in Korea I could totally understand 🙂
        I am still having problems to find products for my hair. Before I had someone that used to ship it to me from Brazil but it got too expensive but I’ve just found a website that sends them to Ulaanbaatar. I’m soooo happy


  1. I have lived in Korea for thirteen years. I had a perm and the water was harsh. I had to go to the bottled water for my hair. It helps alot and going to Miss Kim’s shop in Osan helped me to grow my hair long. I am natural now and in the States. I hope this helps out.

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  2. Wow, that is an amazing journey to live in a country where hair care is foreign just like the land. Looks like you are handling it well. I have done the water only method too and afterwards I would put in my leave-ins to moisturize it and seal in the cuticle. Do you use any kind of conditioner afterwards or moisturizer? I think that would help.


    • Thanks for the comment. I didn’t stick to the water-only method. I felt like it wasn’t working for me. Lately, I pre-poo then wash or co-wash my hair. Apply a deep conditioner, rinse and twist. I feel like my hair can’t hold moisture at all! I think I need to do another big chop.


      • Yes. I definitely understand what you are saying. Our hair has a mind of it’s own and is not afraid to show it. I have struggled with what you are describing with your hair not holding moisture. Sometimes I have to get creative with coaxing it. A few weeks ago I had a good hair week. But the past two weeks were like blah. So I can relate. Does your hair like oil?


      • I’ve been having a lot more blah weeks than usual. Lol and yeah I use coconut and grapeseed oils and it tends to do well with that. I just bought some thicker oils to try. Regular castor and Jamaican black castor oil.


      • Sounds like we can both relate to each other, lol! I’ve used regular castor oil in my hair too. I like to especially put it on the ends because they are so dry. I have only tried Jamaican castor oil in the Shea Moisture line. Are there any differences between the two when applied to your hair/


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