It’s Official: I’m Moving to Seoul

Greetings readers!

After quite a long wait, I’ve been placed in Seoul. A while back I posted about my re-application to EPIK in order to change cities. I found out I was accepted at the beginning of this month.

The process is pretty much identical to a first-time applicant, but I got to avoid the dreaded mess with the FBI background check.

I wish that they treated current EPIK teachers a bit more individually. In all the official paperwork I’ve received there’s maybe two paragraphs of information regarding current teachers within pages upon pages of new teacher info. That leaves you to kind of figure it out on your own or bug your coordinator. I’m choosing the former.


As far as orientation, we are required to report the the location on the last day of our contract. New teachers will have been there about four days prior to our arrival. And as I understand it we are not required to go to lectures, or do presentations. We will just need to do the medical checks and stay through the remainder of the orientation period.

I’m finding it a bit stressful that we have to be there on contract end date because we still have regular work hours (I plan to request leave), are required to be moved out of our apartment, and have to reach the orientation site by 5:00 p.m. That seems like a tall order.

Another stress is that I once again have NO CLUE WHERE I WILL BE PLACED IN THE CITY NOR ANY INFO ABOUT MY SCHOOL. This is giving me the most grief right now, but it’s the name of the game if you’re applying to EPIK. I won’t know my specific location until the day we sign our contracts–which is insane to me. A lot of becoming an EPIK teacher is just walking blind and keeping an open mind.

I’ll write a more in-depth post about the whole process of reapplying as a current EPIK teacher after attending orientation. But if you have any questions, please comment.


6 thoughts on “It’s Official: I’m Moving to Seoul

  1. Wow – that sounds incredibly stressful (especially having to work regular hours the same day they expect you to arrive at orientation). But I’m glad it sounds like you’re staying as zen about it as you can be! Good luck with everything – and I’ll be interested to read your more in-depth explanation about reapplying!


  2. Congratulations on being placed! I am going to apply for Seoul for the next intake and am already teaching with EPIK. I had a couple questions if that is okay. Were you able to collect all of your documents without returning home? Can you just use the same ones you did for your first application?

    Thank you for being willing to put this information out there! There isn’t a lot that I could find on this process.

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    • Sorry for the late reply. Things kind of died on my blog after arriving in Seoul. I hope my answers can still help you. I didn’t need to return home for any documents. I just needed to request official copies of everything from my MOE. I just needed to get new letters of recommendation and a couple of new documents from my school.


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