Sister Visits Seoul

I have been begging my family (who live in Japan) to visit me in Korea (a two-hour flight away) for quite a while now.

Finally, my request was answered by my younger sister, Deja. It was a little difficult, because during her visit I ran into some unexpected money problems, but I tried my best to get out and show her a bit of what Seoul had to offer.

A Little Culture at  Gwanghwamun and Cheonggyecheon

One thing Korea definitely gets right is picturesque locations. Unfortunately, they attract large crowds, but they are must-sees. For her first Sunday in Seoul we decided to visit Cheonggyecheon stream and Gwanghwamun Plaza. The timing was perfect because Seoul was celebrating Buddha’s birthday with the beautiful lantern festival. The same festival I attended last year.

We began the late afternoon admiring the features on the stream and then headed to the plaza. We ended our night walking around the Insadong shopping area looking for some eats.

Stream 3LanternsLantern 1Stream 2

Around my Town (Gangdong/Cheonho)

I definitely couldn’t pass up the change to take my sister to one of the many pet cafes in Seoul. It seems like a gross concept, but it’s a nice way to chill and get some animal therapy.

Dog Cafe

Also spotted the Bill Cosby Restaurant.

Bill Cosby
Don’t drink anything!

She definitely had to try Samgyapsal.


My sister also made a guest appearance at my school and sat in on one of my after-school classes. We played our version of the newlywed game together.

School Visit
Teacher Appreciation Flowers

Hongdae Nightlife

I had to show Deja how Seoul parties.  Seoul goes hard and one of the best places to turn up is Hongdae. The area has an artsy, young feel to it. You can catch tons of singers, rappers, and dancers putting their talents on display as you pregame before the clubs.  No Photos!

 Gangnam STYLE

We also did some underground shopping in Gangnam and perused the shops in Myeongdong.

Gangnam2Gangnam 1


View all these photos plus more in the slideshow below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope I get some more family/friend visits while I’m here in Korea. There’s still a lot to do and see.

P.S. Please look forward to more posts very soon.


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