4 Common Korean Conveniences Perfect for Introverts

For the awkward expat that decided to push themselves and travel, things can get a little overwhelming at times. That’s why I’m thankful to a few conveniences here in Korea that are totally cool for the anxious. Here’s my list of the top comforts that will ease your social woes.




KakaoTaxi is a phone app that allows you to request a taxi to your location without having to speak to a real-live person. That’s not the best part! You also input where you are headed–so there’s no need to talk to the driver at all. The app is Korean only, unfortunately, but if you happen to have your address in Hangul it’s a breeze. There’s  an English guide to using the app here.

Grocery Delivery

When I told my co-teacher that’d I’d been lugging my bags home all year and limiting my choices at the grocer because I couldn’t carry all the items, she laughed in my face. She told me that most grocery stores will deliver your goods. Just let them know at the checkout that you’d like to have it delivered to such and such address. I never heard of this in the U.S. BUT even better than that is sitting on your comfy couch in your underwear and ordering groceries from your computer. I know that the U.S. has grocery delivery services, but it isn’t that common or known about. At least not where I was living. I just ordered my first groceries and it was pretty painless (aside from the meticulous delivery man). No need to force yourself to get dressed and deal with the terrors that lurk outside your door. So wonderful. Check out Homeplus or Emart online (No English). T.T

Table Call Buttons


Few things are more nerve-wracking than trying to get a waiters attention in a busy restaurant. … Well, maybe trying to get a waiter’s attention in an empty restaurant is just as awkward to me. Add a language barrier to that–ALARM! 😉 But in Korea most Korean restaurants (not western-style) and bars have a button on the table that you can press whenever you need some service. I have even seen some buttons that have a tiny picture of what you want (more water, beer, the bill). I don’t know why this isn’t a thing in the U.S.! Someone make it happen.



McDonald’s makes me feel guilty and gross, but for those first few bites it brings me joy. More joyful, is the fact that I don’t have to leave my bed to get some. A few years ago, I was actually in my first big car accident while on the way to McDonald’s late at night. If only McDelivery had existed in the U.S. I could’ve avoided all of that trauma and drama. No risk of me dyin’ for a Big Mac and a chocolate milkshake. There’s also an English website and app! Yay for ease of use.


Do you have any services that allow you to remain chill and comfortable?  I know I’m missing a bunch. Let me know in the comment section.


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