100 Days of French~ Update 1

Day 18:

I had hoped to do daily updates, but my life has been a bit busy lately (more on that coming soon). But despite the influx I have been keeping up with my daily French engagement. I mostly am focusing on Pimsleur lessons. However, Pimsleur is quite formal according to my boyfriend. So I try to get his opinion on other ways to say things.

I’m also making periodic voice recordings of myself speaking French spontaneously–without notes. I want to see how my speaking improves as I continue this challenge. Perhaps as I get better I will post a link to the embarrassing attempts. I think I will add writing to that as well.

I also found this YouTuber. I enjoy her videos:


Comme une Francais.


4 Baby Steps for Anxious Expats

Get a buddy

20161029_181448Having at least one person who makes you feel more comfortable navigating the city is always beneficial. It’s difficult, but even putting out an effort to meet just one chill person could really change your whole experience.

Get Involved

For me, I enjoy acting. It’s a fun way for me to get over my shyness and pretend to be someone else for a while. So I decided to pursue that while here in Korea and I’m so glad I did. You can be comfortable doing something you’re used to while also getting out there and meeting new people.


Try a Tour Group

Aren’t quite ready to just head out solo-dolo? Try signing up with a tour group. The tour groups in Korea are usually geared toward the young traveler who wants to see the sights and have a good time. Be prepared for booze and cliff diving. It’s really just a bunch of people who are looking for a good time but don’t want to put in all the effort of planning. Bonus is you will automatic group to stick with. … But you also don’t get to choose these people so that could be a plus or a minus. It sucks being stuck with an obnoxious group, but usually the loose structure means you don’t have to be around them too long.


Set a Distance Each Weekend

If you’re in a place with a subway system or great bus system challenge yourself to go a little farther each day. Admittedly, this is a difficult task for anxious people. I usually stick to the same familiar areas of town. At least try to get out of your city from time to time and see what a different part of the country has to offer.




100 Days of French Challenge

I started a language challenge for myself that I hope I can stick to. I’ll be trying to study French for 100 days straight. No breaks. I should’ve started a blog post on the first day of my challenge, but I wanted to give it some time to make sure I was actually going to try and stick with it.

I set this challenge myself and made up the rules. They are as follows:

Engage with the target language for AT LEAST 30 minutes per day.

This can be through learning a song, watching a movie, listening to a podcast, etc.

Memorize 10 vocabulary words.

Pretty self-explanatory.

Use at least one of the words in conversation. 

I keep daily notes in a journal but may move to making blog posts instead.

I’m closing on Day 011 of my challenge. Some resources I’m using are:

French Your Way Podcast with Jessica


Pimsleur French I


and French videos from Damon&Jo on YouTube.